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*There shall be an entrance fee of RM 10.00 for all classes of membership except honorary membership.

  • All annual subscription shall be payable to the treasurer in advance before the 1st July each year.
  • Any member who allows his arrears to exceed one year subscription shall receive a written notification signed by or on behalf of the secretary, and shall be denied the privileges of membership until he/she settles his/her account.
  • Any member who allows his arrears to exceed two year subscriptions shall automatically cease to be a member of the society.
  • The committee shall have the power to fix a re-entrance fee for any person who has allowed his membership to lapse through arrears.
  • Special subscriptions or levies for particular purposes may be raised from members by resolution of the general meeting of the society. If the member fails to pay such subscription within such period as may be resolved, the amount shall be treated in the same way as arrears of yearly subscription.



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